At Barnes Capital we believe that the best investors think.  They think about the world, they think about society, its social fabric, and the next generation.  They also think about what everyone else in the business thinks about: economics, politics, fiscal policy, and the lessons of history.  The best advisors also think about the role of an advisor, past mistakes, and past good decisions.

We believe that the only way to consistently think clearly is to write.  Writing sharpens the mind, whittles the ideas, and records the path of decisions well-made, and those gone awry.
Barnes Capital communicates in three distinct columns:

Insight Newsletter
The Insight Newsletter chronicles economic and investment ideas, as well as our year end forecast and review.  It was our original newsletter which we began writing in 2006.

Monthly Column
We write a 700-word article each month for Lafayette Today, a monthly paper distributed to 11,000 households.  We began writing in Lafayette Today in March 2009.  Our column in Lafayette Today serves an educational purpose.  It shares our thoughts on subjects relevant to the our clients and our communities well-being.  We examine financial, as well as life and societal questions.

The Social Fabric
Daniel began a blog in February 2009. It was renamed “The Social Fabric” in December 2011.  The blog is an outlet for our firm’s social conscience.  He writes about his thoughts on society, events that outrage him, and other socially, politically, and financially relevant topics to our mutual coexistence in civil society.  With a deep background in political science and political philosophy, Daniel uses the blog to talk about important for the long-term health of our citizenry, and our society and sometimes, our economy.  New blogs appear randomly, about every other month or so.